The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses

An event bursting with glamour will take place in the striking Principality of Monaco, at the gorgeous venue that is Hotel de Paris: the finest luxury hotel in the Casino Square. This will be a splendorous event that must be experienced first-hand: the gala will fall nothing short of magical, a real-life fairy-tale that will immerse guests in a dream space. Celebrating Saint Valentine’s with this glorious evening is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, unforgettable for any guest, a momentous event for royalty.

Sophistication, elegance, and ineffable aesthetic will fill the upcoming Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses. It will be an exclusive Gala for lovers of luxury and grand parties, for whom is a truly unmissable occasion. This one night will predictably outshine any other glamorous parties with its romantic aura.

Under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Sovereign Albert II of Monaco

At the ball, princes and princesses from across the world will take part in a never-seen-before celebration of love and beauty. Grandiosity will be at its peak with our exclusive list of distinguished guests. Charming love, music, art, beauty, magic, and royalty will reunite at the Hotel de Paris. The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is a royal event. An unmissable ball, it will touch the hearts of its guests with joy, greatness, pomp and dynamism. There is no better opportunity to celebrate romantic love. An ideal combination of romance and royalty will be tailored for our guests. Leaving everyday life behind, this ball will make its guests embark on a magical quest for beauty and heavenly beauty.

Monte Carlo in Love

Sparkling lights and fluorescent colours will create an ideal atmosphere for couples to celebrate the most romantic night of the year. Furnished walls, fabulous crystal chandeliers, crafted architecture, exquisite vaulted ceilings will build up the heaven-like atmosphere. Inhabited by fairies and angels, the halo of the night will leave reality behind to embody an illusion of ideal grace that will feel like a magical, royal spell. All the A-list guests of the Ball shall follow the dress-code and be dressed in their most sophisticated gowns, becoming themselves part of the magical scenery. The delightful setting of the banquets will be astonishing, offering our guests unforgettable delicacies.

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses

After tasting the most exquisite wines and champagnes, the most remarkable moment of the evening will come with the night. Dance floors will be ready to welcome the royal couples with mesmerising music, heightening the magical sense of the event. Greetings and meetings with renown and eminent personalities will fill the guests with awe. This event is one of its kind, and is highlighted as a Monte Carlo festivity and graced by royalty for its luxurious and glamorous nature. Important personalities will be a part of the history which will etch the event as the flawless Valentine’s Day for the fortunate guests. This evening will delightfully blend the romance of the most romantic day of the year with the superb royalty of Monte Carlo, resulting in the most exciting event of the winter season.

Reasons to attend

  1. A unique event in itself that displays the magnificence and grace of Monaco.

    An event that holds the promise of being timeless and iconic, The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is the setting of a second-to-none show. Extraordinarily outstanding artists, singers, and dancers will grace the eyes and hearts of the thrilled guests, who will enjoy a splendorous, opulent display of craft, reaching the peak of the evening. Heavenly melodies, grandiose dances and thrilling performances will take the fortunate guests inside a dreamlike sphere of their compelling Valentine’s gala. As the air will shine with a halo of love and rapture, the evening will truly feel like entering a fantasy fairy-tale land. Imagination will be set free by the beauty and the sparkling air of this evening, which will fill every single guest with wonder.

  2. Lifetime experience of witnessing enthralling world class live show.

    Riveting artistic performances, astonishing background movements and astounding carouses will excite the hearts of the guests in enchantment, as only the lived experience will be able to convey. It will be simply impossible to resist dancing and twirling in exhilaration, merriment, and bliss. No one will feel second to a King or a Queen, a Prince or a Princess entering the magical space of fairy-tales.

  3. An invitation to discover magical settings of the legendary Monte Carlo.

    The performers of the event will make magic whether through singing, juggling, dancing, or playing music. Closely attuned with this one-off lovely show, the audience will enter an ocean of magic and charms, with the extraordinary performances of worldly renown entertainers. Undoubtedly, performers will reel the audience into the magic of their mastery, and the interactions between the artists and guests will take the thrill of the performances to another level. Furthermore, splendiferous dinner setup to follow will consummate the show in such an enthralling way that it will emulate the feeling of dining at a royal banquet hall.

  4. Exciting experience your sweetheart at a grand ball that befits only royalty.

    This evening will be a golden moment for Monte Carlo, and those who are blessed to bear witness to this magic shall find it simply incomparable to any other event. A fantasy is but a fantasy unless one enters the land of Monaco on the eve of Valentine’s Day, to watch it come true at the grandest Ball that will remain in collective memory, as a moment that will happen once but will leave an endless nostalgic halo!

The glorious, glamorous event is to be held in the striking Principality of Monaco at the Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo’s finest luxury hotel, delightfully located in the legendary Place du Casino. There are few exceptional luxury hotels that one day stop being an address and become a legend: The Hôtel de Paris is one of these magical places. With a unique soul and a legendary history, Hôtel de Paris has been welcoming personalities and celebrities for over 150 years. The quintessentially iconic, warm and exclusive ambiance of the Hôtel de Paris will indeed amaze every single guest. Colours, embellishments, and detailed styling will be worth seeing, floating feathers will softly create an atmosphere that should not be missed. This iconic, internationally renown luxury venue offers unrivaled experiences and activities within a single location. The Hôtel de Paris will be transformed into a fairy tale palace to greet the princes and princesses decked in all their lavish finery, who will be immersed in the luxurious surrounding resonating with the princely theme. Elegant extravagance will be everywhere, from the twinkling lights to the magnificent decorations; from the details of the music or the ornament to the aroma of the evening. At the heart of Monaco’s most splendorous location, this incredibly luxurious Gala will carve its memory in the hearts of every attending guest as one of the most glamorous and magnificent events of the winter season.

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