Blending the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day with the splendid royalty to its full apex, the opera singer Delia Grace Noble is the paradigm of inspiration for this occasion. She has successfully crowned herself with the extraordinary task of opening the Venice Film Festival with a spectacular one-of-a-kind Grand Ball.

With ineffable enthusiasm, power, and brilliance, she is ready to compellingly inspire the guests of the most awaited event of Monte Carlo’s winter. Her unique concept of meticulously combining royalty with the purest halo of love at the most exquisite occasion of Valentine’s Day, is certainly going to result in an unparalleled picture, to which no other will compare.

Monegasque at heart, Delia Grace Noble, who proudly received the UNICEF Ambassador title, is passionately driven by the mission of bringing more significance and recognition to the Principality of Monaco. The sheer elegance of the theme that will be revolving around this royal event will be strengthened by the ardent emotions the noble guests will experience on that day.

This unique occasion will be made all the most compelling by the delightfully heartfelt performances by international dancers, actors, performers, and musicians. An innovative, creative vision is ready to set on fire the sensations and passion of the guests, and the exciting concept of visual set design will take high society partakers to the imaginary fairy-tale world that is oceans apart from everyday reality. With love in the air, it will be impossible not to sway towards the most magical of cities and join a night that enchants even the most elite of the partygoers in a never-seen-before way.