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Delia Grace Noble began her singing career in Monte Carlo, continuing with her studies at the Paris National Conservatoire. In recognition of her musical prowess Delia has been awarded with three gold medals, in unanimity, which have subsequently been followed by the award of Lanterna d’argento in Genova (Italy). To these awards was added the prestigious Grand Prize of Interpretation with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra after her electric debut as Susanna in The Marriage of Figaro in 2007.

Delia has strived to maintain her incredible vocal standards by continuing to work alongside such recognised masters as Montserrat Caballé and Jannine Reiss (coach and voice teacher of Maria Callas) with whom she regularly undertakes master classes and currently maintains that perpetual strive towards perfection through the tutelage and advice of big international conductor Lawrence Foster.



However it is opera which is Delia’s first and greatest love with her performances, in 2013, at the Opera Festival of Verona (Italy) with excerpts from La Traviata, for Michaella in Carmen and Manon by Jules Massenet to Katar leading to her delivering the leading role of Lisa in Le pays du sourire and to which she continues with the role of Venus in Orphée aux Enfers at the Marseille Opera in 2014.

Outside of the musical world Delia is often to be found on television and radio stations in France where she was recently the star of the program “A formidable woman” by Radio France. Her love for her adopted country France, led her to found the association “Les Voix Nobles”, which intended to promote young artists through cultural exchanges with the exceptional support of the Embassy of France in Monaco and the French personalities as J.P. Foucault, Janine Reiss and various singers and personalities.

In full possession of her art, Delia Noble’s original project of concerts is dedicated to the Dream of Children association and UNICEF that gave her the title of Ambassador. Recently Delia Noble has followed a master class in London with Maestro Placido Domingo.

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Her career has subsequently blossomed still further projecting itself onto the international stage where she has performed for further notable audiences worldwide including, amongst others, Mady Mesple in Paris as well as Iris and Albert Lance in Milan. To this she has also added a performance for the Monte Carlo Academy of Music Contest.

In Monte Carlo, Delia sang with Andrea Bocelli La Boheme. She interpreted West Side Story as Maria, Missia Palmieri in The Merry Widow and Lisa in The Land of Smiles by F. Lehar in Spain. Delia played also Violetta Valéry in La Traviata at the Monte Carlo Opera House, and then she was Marguerite in Gounod’s Faust. Furthermore her acclaim has been increased through her performances with the Toulon Opera, Marseille Opera and Montpellier Opera as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra under the musical direction of Rene Koering.

Delia’s range and repertoire continues to grow as demonstrated by her roles of Mireille in the eponymous oeuvre by Gounod at Music Festival Banned in Marseille Opera directed by Cyril Dietrich. These roles have been further augmented by concert performances at the New Theatre of Sillo in Marseille and at the Opera Festival in Vienna, where she performed singing extracts of Musetta from La Boheme and Manon of J.Massenet. Alongside which, she recorded a rock opera with the chorus of Marseille Opera. A further recording has been made in London of Baroque music in collaboration with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Simon Hell.